The Dojo Kun

The Washinkai Dojo Kun is taken from the 20 Precepts of Master Gichin Funakoshi, but those familiar with the Shotokan version may notice it is not identical. However, the principals remain the same.

The Dojo Kun is a Japanese martial arts term which literally translates as (Training Hall Rules). It is traditionally found posted at the entrance to the hall and details the behaviour that is expected. In the Washinkai style, the words are spoken out loud by the Dojo’s Sensei or Sempai at the end of a class prior to the final bow. The Sensei may ask that one of the students recite the Dojo Kun, in which case the student will step forward and turn to look at the class before speaking the words. It is therefore important that all students learn the Dojo Kun, as they may be questioned on it at some stage prior to being promoted to their next belt.

The Dojo Kun can be thought of as an affirmation and should always be spoken with pride. It exists in order to remind all of the students, regardless of rank, that the physical, mental, and spiritual growth that they benefit from as a result of their karate training, must also extend beyond the dojo walls.

In order to achieve the true benefits of a Washinkai karate-ka, each student must take the founding principals of the art and make them a regular part of their daily life.
The Washinkai Dojo Kun as used by the Spanish Club is first spoken in Japanese, then Spanish and sometimes also in English:

“Learn with your soul as well as your body.”
“Aprender con su alma asi como su cuerpo.”