Terms and Conditions of Membership and Licence.

*These rules are currently under review and will form part of the new membership agreement. 

**A Spanish language version will be available very soon.

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Terminology. For the purposes of this document the Club Deportivo Washinkai Karate de España shall be referred to as CDWK.

  1. Dojo Etiquette.  I agree to the rules of the CDWK dojo and promise to strictly adhere to dojo etiquette at all times as detailed on this website which can be found by clicking on this link.
  2. Minimum Attendance. I understand that my membership of CDWK is made available on a term by term basis and that there is a minimum attendance of 3 months which must be paid whether I attend or not.
  3. Fees.  The annual FCKV licence and insurance fee of (60€) for one year has to be renewed at the beginning of each year.  There is a monthly attendance fee of (30€) for students below brown belt (3kyu) and (50€) for above, due the first week of every month.
  4. Belt Promotion.  There are minimum attendances required to be promoted to the next belt. Missed classes reduce opportunity for future promotion. (Details can be found via the student login to the club’s membership system via the washinkai.es website or DoJo Expert APP.)
  5. Arrears.  Dojo Fees are NOT paid in arrears. It is understood that all fees should be paid in advance or within the first week of the month they fall due, whether there has been attendance or not, exceptions being illness or injury. Going on holiday during term time, for example, is not regarded as a valid exception for non-payment of Dojo fees.
  6. Notice of discontinuation.  There is a minimum of one month’s written notice for leaving the CDWK by either sending an email message with the words ‘Discontinue’ in the subject line to admin@washinkai.es or sending a message via the contact form on the washinkai.es website along with my UID number which can be found on my membership card.  The reason for this, is to prevent further billing which will result in subsequent invoices falling due.
  7. Membership Card.  Once the licence has been granted, students are expected to bring the membership card to EVERY class and that failure to do so may result in attendance not being recorded. This in turn may delay future promotions to the next belt.
  8. Exams.  Grading fees are due before or on the day of the exam and that whilst the grading may be awarded without a payment being received, it cannot be registered until such time as the fee is paid.
  9. Disciplinary Procedure.  I understand that if I have committed any kind of disciplinary offence that I may be blocked from attending any Washinkai Karate Club worldwide depending on the nature of the offence and any ruling by the either the FCKV, BTKA  or WKF governing bodies.
  10. Where karate is allowed.  Karate is NOT permitted outside of the dojo except under extreme circumstances or during organized demonstrations and that any criminal prosecutions will result in immediate suspension of licence and suspension from the club subject to review by the executive and or governing bodies.


In accordance with the Laws of Spain 15/1999 of 13 December Protection of Personal Data (Act), Sarah Lakin and Geovanny Sanchez , the Board of Washinkai Karate, makes the following declaration: All personal information, will be incorporated into a database for the purpose of applying for the  Federal Licence and for the administration of the club’s membership system.  All fields are mandatory and incomplete information may lead to a licence and membership of the club being declined. By signing or sending electronically the licence form I am giving unequivocal consent to use this data for the express purposes of administration of the membership and licence of the Club Deportivo Washinkai Karate. The club also grants the applicant full rights of access and rectification.

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