Another Great Karate Camp in The Mountains of Tollos

If you were unable to attend the summer karate camp, this short video gives a glimpse of what you missed out on!

After meeting at the Polideportivo Javea, The group set off on the long journey up to Tollos. The journey itself was quite the adventure, most of it consisting of winding mountainous roads, tall green pines and deep rocky valleys. Upon arriving and setting up camp, we were greeted with 42c of heat on the first day, although subsequent days were a little cooler.  After a Kihon session at the camp site , everyone had a chance to cool off in the local large municipal swimming pool.

Tollos, is one of the smallest villages in the province. It is located 776 meters above sea level and the air probably among the cleanest you can find in the area. With a population of 50 official residents and the visiting club consisting of around 25 people, we increased the population by 50%. Also, due to the fact that it is surrounded by mountains, there is little to no light pollution, granting fantastic views of the stars and the Milky Way.

We trained twice a day focusing on self defence and kihon. The rest of the time was spent going on hikes, eating, socializing, and relaxing by the pool. On the second day Tai Chi instructor and local resident Richard Bliss took a class by the pool side to instruct some of the real world applications of Tai Chi.  Sensei Jose Abad and Sensei Antonio joined our party on the third day and gave a class to the Washinkai Students and some of the local people on self defence application of the pinan katas.  They joined us for the evening meal, but had all the Black and Brown belts up before breakfast the next day so that we could do a 7:00am training session before it got too hot.

I think it is fair to say that the camp was a huge success.  The catering staff led by Pau looked after us all very well, especially considering that there was a wide variety of dietary preferences.  The last day saw a presentation of the certificates of attendance by the Mayor of Tollos and Geovanny Sanchez Salazar was thanked for his collaboration in helping the event become a huge success.  There was a fancy dress competition in the evening and many of the local children and towns people joined in.  The following day the party left Tollos having made many new friends within the local community who are looking forward to the return of Washinkai karate next year.