Correct Dress & The Karate Suit

folded-giTo be properly dressed is a matter of respect to karate-ka’s fellow students, instructor and the martial art itself. An improperly dressed student will not be allowed to train without the express permission of the instructor.

The Governing Body lay down certain rules concerning the standard of dress, which are included within the BTKA’s requirements:-

The Gi must comply with the following conditions:

  • It must be wholly white and unmarked;
  • It must be washed and kept clean and smart;
  • Any damage to it, such as tears, must be repaired;
  • The jacket must be of sufficient length to cover the hips;
  • The sleeves must come at least half way down the forearm and must not be rolled up;
  • The trousers must be long enough to cover two-thirds of the shin;
  • The Washinkai Kanji must be embroidered on the left breast of the jacket, or on a separate patch sewn onto the jacket in that location;
  • No badges may be displayed on the gi, except such as indicate membership of the BTKA or a team and are first approved by an Instructor, and then limited to maximum of one;
  • Women are permitted to wear a plain white tee-shirt underneath the GI jacket;
  • Women are advised to wear a properly designed sports bra.

Gis of various weights, embroidered with the Association Kanji, are available from Instructors.