New Summer School & End of Course Presentation Announced.

On the day Tuesday 19th of June from 18:30-20:30 we will be holding the end of course presentation at the Palau polideportivo in the Port in Javea. The presentation will consist of a display from all the students allowing them to show what they have learned. There will also be a presentation of trophies for the students that most closely follow our 7 values(petals), one for each petal. At the end, everyone will also receive a free mug as a thank you. There will also be an opportunity to purchase some of our new Washinkai polo t-shirts. There will still be classes at the normal times up untill the 28th.

On the 21st of June all classes will be switching over to the Palau dojo and the 28th markes the last day of normal classes and the beginning of the new summer school.