Great work Sensei José Abad

sensei-abad-grabWashinkai España would like to extended our warmest appreciation and thanks to Sensei José Abad who gave a course together with a presentation about the charity Tushirikiane in Kenya.  Also assisting were Senior Instructors Sensei José Vicente Torregrosa, Antonio Miguel Verdu and Txentxo Muñoz.  Students that were unable to attend, missed an opportunity to learn from a Master of self defence.

The course focused on the hidden techniques of the katas that are an integral part of the Washinkai syllabus.  We hope that Sensei José Abad will be able to return in the near future and that we can continue to grow the collaboration between Washinkai and other styles of martial arts in Spain.  Our thanks also to Sensei Geovanny for hosting this event and making it possible for us to all learn something new. Find out more about Tushirikiane here