We are Washinkai karate España

wearewashinkaiWashinkai Karate España was founded in Jávea Spain in 2002  under the guidance of the British Traditional Karate Association (BTKA).  Whilst the club follows the line of the BTKA it does so under the jurisdiction of the Spanish National Karate Federation who recognise the grading system and form part of the Grading Tribunal with Sensei Chris Thompson  for the Black Belt Dan gradings.  A student who is awarded a belt under Washinkai Karate will find that their grading is recognised throughout Spain, the UK and Europe and that their Black Belt grading is recognised Worldwide by the World Karate Federation.

The mission of Washinkai Karate is to promote partnerships between students and instructors and to provide opportunity to achieve full potential in the study of karate-do.

The founder of Washinkai Karate is Sensei Chris Thompson 8th Dan.  He started in 1969 following the style of Wadu Ryu and represented England on a number of occasions  in European and World Karate Championships.  Both Sensei Geovanny Sanchez and Sensei Sarah Lakin learned their Karate skills following the road of Washinkai, as they believed it was one of the best martial arts for promoting strength of character, sound mental health and physical fitness.  Washinkai students all subscribe to the values of:  Humility, Honesty, Responsibility, Courtesy, Integrity, Equanimity and follow the way of peace.  Without all of these qualities you cannot become a Sensei or instructor.

Over the years Washinkai España has become recognised in Spain by the Spanish and Valencian Karate Federation as one of the leading Karate clubs in the province.  Washinkai España compete regularly with other regional and Spanish national teams and our students have won many titles include that of Spanish National Self Defence Champion held by Taylor Frazer Brown.  This year and for the 6th year running the club won a prestigious award from the Valencian Karate Federation for being the largest karate club in the province of Alicante.


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