Christmas Dinner 2016

All students of Club Deportivo Washinkai España and their families are cordially invited to join the instructors for the annual Christmas Dinner which will take place at the famous Javea Restaurant Masena. Chef Hamid, a karate 1st dan always prepares something special and it is a time to meet up with friends and instructors to

New Black Belts for Karate España

Congratulations to Geovanny Sanchez Salazar, Lucas Muniz and Kyle Cochrane. On Friday 11th of November Chief Instructor of Washinkai Shihan Chris Thompson awarded a new black belt to club president Geovanny Sanchez Salazar who successfully attained 4th Dan status. He gave a powerful demonstration of advanced karate skills in an examination of Kata, Kihon and

Spring Gasshuku 2016 Review and new Black Belts

May has been a busy month for CD Washinkai España who celebrated new black belts for students Charlie MacWhinnie and Harry Gillies Ripoll by Chief Instructor and founder of Washinkai Karate 8th Dan Shihan Christopher Thompson. The Dan gradings awarded to Washinkai Students are recognised by the BTKA (British Traditional Karate Association,) The JKF (Japanese

Seven qualities of a karate ka

When people think about karate, the idea comes to mind that its practitioners are deadly experts in fighting and self defence. There are few outside of karate circles that realize that in addition to the 7 qualities of a good fighter; Waza (technique) Chikara (power) Hayasa (speed) Kime (focus) Ma-ai (distance) Ma (timing) Zanshin (awareness)