First Black Belt Gradings for Washinkai Spain 2015

A short video clip of Dominic Cobo, Matias Maciel and Nick Cannon receiving their Shodan (Black Belts) Friday 4th September 2015 in Jávea.  We are all very proud of their achievements which were only made possible by the combination of hard work, self determination and of course the tireless work of their Senseis.  They are seen here being presented with their belts by the tribunal (only the second time that this has taken place for Washinkai Spain) led by Shihan Chris Thompson 8th Dan and founder of Washinkai Karate, Shihan Francisco González (Paco) representing the Valencian Karate Federation and Senior Instructors, Sensei Sarah Lakin and Club President Sensei Geovanny Sánchez Salazar.