The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘equanimity‘ as “calmness and composure, especially when in a difficult situation.”

The origins are early 17th century (also in the sense ‘fairness, impartiality’): from Latin aequanimitas, from aequus ‘equal’ + animus ‘mind’.

Equanimity is one of the seven essential qualities of mind required to be a Karate-Ka. The others are; Humility, Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Courtesy and Integrity.

The W symbol in Japanese and the W in Washinkai represents the path of peace. At Washinkai España students learn from their Sensei or Instructor, but they also learn from other students. Whilst the syllabus is geared towards the age group of the class, time is always set aside for younger students to train alongside more advanced karatekas.