Karate Summer School Jávea 2016

kARATEPOSTER Summer has arrived for the club in Spain and the Curso de Verano is in full swing and will run through July and August 2015 both in the Jávea Port sports centre and in Benitachell. The price has been set as low as possible offering excellent value at only 30 Euros p/month. Full details posted at the bottom of the article and on the poster.

It is a fantastic opportunity for younger students to learn the skills of karate whilst at the same time have fun. Beginners are welcome and can learn martial art techniques in a safe and secure environment. Experienced students have the opportunity to get ready for their next grading and learn from advanced instructors. July and August are the hottest time of year, so students are invited to train in a T shirt and shorts if they wish.t-shirt

There is a special T shirt available free to all students who completed the end of term course. It is also available at a super low price of 15 euros to all participants of the Summer School.

Besides basic self defence, instructors teach techniques that help build fitness, confidence, awareness, focus, control and respect. We play games which help increase reaction time and we learn how to deal with difficult situations including proven strategies for dealing with school yard bullies.

Above all, it is an opportunity to have some fun, twice a week whilst learning something that will help with everyday life. In addition there will be an early morning class right on the beach at Chiriguito Montgo di Bongo. The early classes start at 8:00am!!! The sound of the sea, the cool morning air, there really is no better place to learn karate.webbeach